Birchbox September Box Review

Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy days! Birchbox's September Edition has arrived and it's all about thinking of those great memories from the Summer, as well as making new ones as Autumn approaches.

I love the design of this box, seriously, it's too sweet!! It has such a funky design being turquoise and pink, with lots of cute little pictures covering it. It's fab! I also like that this one is sturdier that some of the others received because it means I can recycle it in to a handy storage container!

The little Birchbox draw-string bag inside the box was full to the brim with goodies and I was so excited to dive in!

The first item I pulled out was the Healing Oil Treatment from Agave. I have to be honest with you, I've yet to try this. My hair is naturally very oil so I tend to stay clear - miles even! - away from any oil-based hair products. I've heard it is supposed to be good at smoothing and boosting shine; I'm just waiting for the appropriate time to give it a go.

Next to be picked out was Korres' Citrus Body Milk. This stuff is wonderful. It smells divine and leaves the skin feeling silky-smooth and utterly nourished. I also found that a little went a long way so I can see this lasting me quite a while, which is always a bonus!

I then picked out Benefit's It's Potent! Eye Cream. It's always great to receive a well known and high-end brand and it had to be one of my favourite items. It really works wonders on the eyes! After only a few days of using the cream, my eyes started to appear brighter, the skin around felt tighter and they just felt better. It really is wondrous stuff, as is the case with all Benefit products I find. A brilliant addition to this month's box!

Next up was the only cosmetic item and one that subscribers could choose, Model Co. Lip Lacquer in "Viva". I simply can't resist a lip gloss! The colour was a lot brighter than expected but it's still pretty and one I'd feel comfortable wearing. However, the formula itself feels too sticky, which really let's it down. Not that it's all bad on that front, the pigmentation is good and it is pretty long-lasting. A nice lip gloss, if you don't wear it on a windy day with your hair down - ladies, you know what I'm talking about, the not-so-elegant hair-stuck-to-lips look is not a good one!

The final main item of the box was Premae's Mild Dermabrasion Face & Body Scrub which is ah-may-zing. The tub only held a small amount but boy, is this stuff good. After using it, my skin feels so much softer, smoother and looks healthier, it really is an awesome body scrub and one that I think I may have to purchase properly once it's ran out. Loved it!

The last two things to come out were the 'Lifestyle Extras'. 

I'd heard of Urban Fruit before but had never tried them so it was good to find the Smashing Strawberry Snack Pack knocking around. I am not usually a fan of dried, snack fruits as I tend to find they taste more factory made and artificial but with these, I was pleasantly surprised; they taste so fruity and delicious! After consuming the packet - rather quickly I might add - I felt happily full and got the energy boost I needed for my busy morning in the office. I have already purchased some more as I enjoyed them that much!

Lastly, I received the Birchbox Happy Days Photo Clip which was an adorable little addition. It'll be great to hold a nice photo upon one of my bedside drawers. Très cute!

I've got to say, September's box wasn't the best I've received. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad, it just didn't "wow" me like previous ones had. I had mixed feelings on receiving mostly sample products and also receiving mostly body and hair care. But I guess it's good to get a little variety and one of the reasons I subscribe to Love Me Beauty is because I find they send more makeup items, so really, I am getting the best of both worlds and thus shouldn't moan too much.

To find out more or to subscribe, click here.

What did you think to Birchbox's September box? Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes?

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  1. You have got some nice products there.

    1. Yeah, to be honest it wasn't half bad! Birchbox really are great!


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