Beauty Stash Organisation

Saturday, September 27, 2014

We've all seen it happen. Our lovely makeup drawers and storage change from looking beautifully neat to an absolute cluttered nightmare. It then takes hours to locate that one lipstick you need or the eye shadow you fancy and by the time you've found everything, you've pretty much torn your hair out. If this has happened to you recently or is happening to you, help is at hand! This post will hopefully give you a few tips and tricks to organising your beauty stash and to have you feeling happiness when you open up that drawer again.

Step 1 - Empty.

Take out your beauty drawer or storage space and empty the contents somewhere so everything is clearly visible and you can start from fresh.

Step 2 - Clean.

Clean, clean, clean! I used some antibacterial spray on a cloth and gave the drawer a good ol' scrub. Not only is this more hygienic, it will also help get you in a state of mind to clean and organise.

Step 3 - Sort.

Sort through that beauty-based pile. Be harsh on yourself and get rid of things you never use - do it, decluttering is good for the soul, as well as, your stash so don't feel shy. Sort the items in to relevant groups too, this'll help when you're putting it all back again. I had a pile for foundations, powders, lip products, mascaras, nail get the gist.

Step 4 - Organise.

For this step, figure out how and where you want your products to be. Use boxes inside a drawer to keep items together and for better organisation. I used old Glossybox boxes - I knew they'd come in handy one day! Where it all goes is down to what suits you best. I tried to group items together in different boxes; for example, one box had all eye makeup, another had base items such as foundations and powders and so on.

Step 5 - Return.

Return everything to the storage space or the drawer, making sure you prioritise where things go; i.e. if you use lipsticks more than nail varnishes, put the lipsticks near the front for your own ease.

One of my favourite mugs recently got a crack in the handle and not wanting to chuck it, it's now become a great place to store my brushes.

Step 6 - Enjoy.

Any beauty blogger will agree with me on this one, enjoy the end result! Nothing looks nicer than clutter that's been decluttered, a mess that has been tidied...OK, I'll stop, but you know what I mean! The feeling of achievement and hard work is one to cherish and trust me, the next time you go to use your make up or nail varnish or whatever, you'll feel so much better. 

Do you have any beauty stash organisation tips, tricks or suggestions? Please feel free to share them below!

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  1. Can I have what you don't wNt anymore!? :p

  2. My make-up drawer is an absolute mess! This has definitely inspired me to get my act together! :) love your mug too!

    1. Pleased to hear it, my drawer always ends up a state after a few months ;)
      Thanks, it suits me very well!


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