'The Ice Twins' by S.K. Tremayne Review

Saturday, January 16, 2016

'One of Sarah’s daughters died. But can she be sure which one? 

A year after one of their identical twin daughters, Lydia, dies in an accident, Angus and Sarah Moorcraft move to the tiny Scottish island Angus inherited from his grandmother, hoping to put together the pieces of their shattered lives. 

But when their surviving daughter, Kirstie, claims they have mistaken her identity – that she, in fact, is Lydia – their world comes crashing down once again. 

As winter encroaches, Angus is forced to travel away from the island for work, Sarah is feeling isolated, and Kirstie (or is it Lydia?) is growing more disturbed. When a violent storm leaves Sarah and her daughter stranded, Sarah finds herself tortured by the past – what really happened on that fateful day one of her daughters died?'

After reading the above synopsis on Amazon, I knew I wanted to read 'The Ice Twins' by S.K. Tremayne. Some reviews claimed the book was chilling, beautifully sad and brilliant and I couldn't agree more.
Although I originally thought it'd be a 'normal' thriller, it was a pleasant surprise for the novel to turn in to a psychological thriller that was compelling to read and drew me in; so much so, that I ended up reading the whole thing within 24 hours! 

The characters were well written and the remote Scottish island couldn't have been a more perfect fit for the creepy vibe throughout. There were many twists and turns, which leaves you guessing 'is she Kirstie, is she Lydia?' the whole way through; plus the ending is one that will definitely stick and have you pondering for days to come. 

All in all, this book was an enjoyable page-turner and one that I found impossible to put down. 

Have you read 'The Ice Twins' and if so, what were your thoughts? To keep up to date on what books I'm reading for 2016's Goodreads Challenges, you can follow me here.

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