Struggling to Sleep? ThisWorks To The Rescue!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sleep is a massive thing to me. If I don’t get my 6-8 hours, I get cranky - and no-one wants a cranky AmyThis became an apparent problem a short while ago, when sleep was becoming a stranger. It’d take ages to drop off, every two hours were being seen and vivid dreams started up. After a few snappy days, I knew that enough was enough and I’d have to find something that’d whisk me away to the land of nod and allow me to stay there.

I’d heard great things about ‘ThisWorks’ Deep Sleep Pillow Talk Set and off I trotted to my nearest Space NK with one thing on my list. 

The Balm and Pillow Spray came together in one box, although I doubted how much use the spray would get as the balm seemed like it’d be more effective. I rushed back to our flat, already excited for bed time. Later that evening and after an episode of ‘Castle’ we decided to turn in and out came the aforementioned product.
I swirled the balm on my finger and was surprised that it was harder than expected. It took a couple of swirls to get the right amount and then I massaged it on to my temples. The smell was incredible and it felt almost warming once applied. I decided to also give my pillow a spray, so that my body could have full affect of the duo and hopefully, get a good night’s sleep. 

That’s exactly what it did.

I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the lavender scented pillow and awoke the next day after having a full 8 hours, feeling utterly calm and relaxed. I’d had the deepest sleep and even my boyfriend said that he found the aromas calming and he, too, found he had a deeper sleep than usual.
The balm and pillow spray accompanied my sleep every night that followed for the next week! I certainly can’t deny, ThisWorks Deep Sleep duo has been an absolute life…well, sleep saver. 

Have you tried these products out? What did you think?

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