Five Friday Favourites: TV Series

Friday, January 29, 2016

I love a good TV series and, along with my boyfriend, am constantly getting hooked on new ones. Therefore, I have narrowed down my faves to just five (currently running) shows for this week's Five Friday Favourites and let me tell you, this has been no easy task!!

  1. Pretty Little Liars. I'm obsessed with PLL and must have watched the first four seasons back-to-back over the space of a week; after that, waiting for seasons five and six have been excruciating to say the least! The story follows four beautiful girls with so many secrets (but whose fashion senses are impeccable!), as they try to move on from the death of their friend/person-who-made-their-life-hell and soon discover that the unknown person, "A", is refusing to let them do so. This murder mystery/drama has so many amazing twists and turns that you are left guessing throughout the WHOLE DAMN THING! It's a must if you like programs that will shock and amaze. Pretty Little Liars is currently half way through it's sixth season and yet again, is surprising me with how good it is!
  2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Dave and I have recently started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and are absolutely loving it. There is literally nothing bad I can even say about this show! The characters are brilliant, the jokes are hilarious, the storylines are well thought-out...everything about it is simply fantastic and is one of the best comedy series I've seen to date - providing you enjoy silly sort of comedy, that is! The episodes focus on the bustling lives of a Brooklyn Police precinct, where hilarity and chaos ensues. It's the non-stop, feel good and easy watching program that everyone needs in their lives. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is now on it's third season and you can find the first two on UK Netflix.
  3. Castle. Castle is another American comedy that swiftly became a favourite after watching the first couple of seasons on Amazon Prime Instant Video. Richard Castle, a 'ruggedly handsome' and cheeky crime fiction writer, works with and annoys Detective Kate Beckett on various murder mystery cases; ensuring there is plenty of drama, tension and laughter along the way. We particularly love Ryan and Esposito and they're 'old married couple' relationship and quips. If you like tongue-in-cheek humour and good mystery solving, then Castle is definitely for you.  After first coming out in 2009, the show is now on it's eight season and although it has had a couple of slow points over the past couple of years, it's certainly back on track and is once again greatly entertaining. 
  4. Supernatural. If you're a fan of easy-watching horror, then Supernatural will be right up your street. Watch as the Winchester Boys - you can't not love Dean and Sam - battle ghosts, demons, monsters and all things evil, as well as, dealing with high emotions and on-going close-call deaths. As well as predominantly being a horror series, this show also has many laughs and teary moments. Like with Castle, it's had some dubious seasons (especially in the latter years) but the first few seasons are utterly awesome! Supernatural is on it's eleventh series and still going strong!
  5. American Horror Story. For those who like the gory side of horror, AHS is for you. This weird, yet wonderful, series probably couldn't be stranger if it tried - though saying that, every year it seems to do just that! - and keeps you hooked, even if you don't want it to! It is definitely not for the faint hearted (with a ton of blood, gore, horror-themes and sometimes even rape) but it's worth sticking with it because the stories and characters are incredibly thought out, with twists that you won't see coming. American Horror Story is now on it's fifth season, after most recently introducing the wonderful Lady Gaga in 'Hotel' - she's brilliant, by the way. It's the perfect TV to watch around Halloween!
What TV series do you like at the moment? Have you seen any of those mentioned above?

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