Love Me Beauty November Box Review

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Today brings the fifth and final Love Me Beauty box review to this blog. I liked this month's addition but I'll come on to why it's the final one after I've shown you what I received.

I've got to admit that I still didn't get on very well with the new system when ordering this box. Once payment has been accepted, you are given 6 credits to use on items in the 'Boutique', each of which are worth one or two credits. Saying that, the 'Boutique' did have some nice products ranging from hair care to body care to cosmetics and after a thorough look through, I made my selection.

The first product was an instant in-to-the-box click and that was Lord & Berry's Smudgeproof Eyeliner in #704 'Black'. If you saw last month's review, you will know I got the shade #720 'Sand' and fell in love with it; in fact, it's been often gracing my lids throughout November and I'm sure that'll continue in to December. I also mentioned that I wanted to try out some other colours, so when I saw 'Black' it had to be mine. Again, it has an incredibly impressive long-lasting formula and being a crisp black, it completely enhances any look I'm trying on the eyes. Definitely another liner staple.

Sticking with the eyes, I also went for Bourjois Eye Pearls in 'Illusion'. It's no secret that I have a bit of a thing for eye shadow palettes and this little one looked too cute to miss out on. Unfortunately, it was much smaller than expected with the shadows themselves being teeny-tiny, which suggests that they'll probably disappear quickly. They aren't strongly pigmented so a lot has to be applied to get a strong colour and once on, the shades do look pretty but start disappearing and congregating in the crease after a couple of hours. All in all, this was disappointing and not what I expected from Bourjois.

One thing I noticed was that the 'Boutique' was very nail-orientated this month, so the last couple of items were nail polishes - not that I am complaining as the two picked are gorgeous! 

The first one was a full-size OPI varnish called 'Kreme De Le Kremlin'. A lovely warm and rich colour that will be a lovely addition on my nails once all the glitz and sparkles of Christmas passes.

The second was another full-size bottle of Sally Hansen varnish called 'Dark Hue-moor'. This is a beautiful navy blue that I can't wait to try out so expect to see it in the 'Nails of the Week' post soon! I'm thinking of pairing it with a silver glitter polish, what do you think?

Like I mentioned above, I did like this month's box (Bourgois eye shadow aside). However, the drastic change that Love Me Beauty underwent was too much for me. As I said in September's box review, the start was awful and a bit of a mess really. I also feel that the boxes have lost what made them special and interesting; the little spark that made me look forward to the next one has disappeared.

When I first started subscribing to beauty box companies, I did it because I revelled in the idea of receiving beauty samples, trying new products and to have a little surprise gift for myself every month, but choosing your own items takes that away. Sure, there's the option to have them fill the box for you but I don't want to have to go in to my account on the now-difficult-to-navigate-around website every month to do so. 

So having thought it over, it's with regret that I have to say goodbye to Love Me Beauty. But this does mean that I am going to be saying hello to an exciting and widely loved new box! It'll be arriving on my doorstop in December, so keep a look out for that - I'm so excited!!!

If this post hasn't put you off (they are only my opinions after all) and would like to find out more or subscribe, click here.

What did you think of Love Me Beauty's November Box? Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? 

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  1. I've never heard of this box before... The idea behind it sounds quite good but I agree that you need the surprise each month rather then choosing what you get yourself! Definitely going to avoid this one so thanks :) x

    1. Yes, the concept could be good but it's not as good as receiving a surprise box or with items that have been picked for you. Birchbox is a good one to go for! :) A x

  2. I haven't tried bourgeois products but Love the Sally Hansen nail polishes. xx

    1. Same here Nina, they're really nice. So looking forward to testing this one out :) A xx


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