Mac Pro Palette Eye Shadow Quad

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

For Christmas, my wish list had rather a lot on it and boy, did my family deliver...and then some! One of the items on my wish list, as like so many, had been on there for months upon months but I had never given in to my own desire and purchased it. This year though, it was atop the list and with some sales going on left, right and centre, I gently pointed my Mum in the right direction and there it was on Christmas Day, in all it's glory.

I'm talking about Mac's Pro Palette Eye Shadow Quad. My Mum and her other half, Nick, purchased the empty palette, along with two shades. My Gran then gave me enough money to purchase the other two and that was it, my first ever Mac Eye Shadow Palette was complete and it's true love.

After having some prior doubts, I have since decided that I really like Mac packaging; it's sleek, compact and feels sturdy enough. With this one though, I especially liked that I was able to personally create my own palette and that the shades in it, were the ones I picked out.

I'm hoping that, by now, you'll know I don't go in to anything rushed. A lot of research goes in to each purchase to make sure that it is worth the sale, especially when it comes to the more expensive items. Obviously, this product was no exception and after reading review after review and having a few looks and swatches in store, I picked out the four shadows. I went for 'Malt' (a nude matte), 'All That Glitters' (a pinky/gold shimmer in veluxe pearl finish), Satin Taupe (as named pretty much, frost finish) and 'Beauty Marked' (a sparkly deep purple in velvet finish). I am mega happy with these choices to go in my first palette, as they are all incredibly wearable. I find that I'm either going for 'All That Glitters' all over the lid on it's own or 'Malt' across the lid with 'Satin Taupe' blended in to the crease. I imagine 'Beauty Marked' is going to come in to it's own when I next go on a night out.

The shadows have a powder formula that is super easy to apply and blend, it also lasts on the lid for hours. One problem I find with some eye shadows is that it clumps together in the crease after a few hours but with these, there is none of that! Especially when paired up with the MUA Eye Primer (see more on that here). I have also noticed that there isn't a lot of fall down of product when applying, which can be another pet peeve of mine. Sometimes there may be a very small amount but mostly, there's nothing to be found, which makes for a very happy me!

I am so pleased with my first Mac Pro Palette and can't wait to dive deeper in to the Pro Palette pool. But with all those shades to choice from, I've no idea what to go for next! Any suggestions? All would be highly welcome!

Have you tried out the Mac Eye Shadows or own a Pro Palette yourself? 

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  1. Beauty Marked looks stunning! Satin Taupe is one of my all time faves!

    1. It's beautiful! Great for a special occasion! :) xx

  2. All those colours look amazing! Great post!


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