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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

I have had my ears pierced for a very long time. I remember the day I asked my Mum if I could get them done, I remember the trip to town, I remember the smell of the jewellers and the hot feeling I got waiting for it to be done. I can even remember the sting that came after the gun went off and the needle went through. I was so proud of my ear piercing and the earrings that graced them – gold with red gems if you wanted to know. Basically, I was the envy of a lot of my friends.

This love for piercings was carried with me in to my teenage years, all through my goth/emo stage and on in to my early twenties – so basically, until now. It’s safe to say that I now have quite a few and although I stay away from sticking holes in my face, I love putting them in my ears.

This being said, I am always on the look out for affordable, good quality and pretty earrings but sometimes finding all three of the listed can be a bit difficult. Enter: Body Jewellery Shop*

I was sent two pairs of earrings and labret stud and after just over a week of wearing them constantly, I’m here to report some pleasant findings. 

The quality compared to price was the first thing I noticed and one of the most impressive. The jewellery is made of 'true' metals, so does not wear away or leave a green stain – I’m sure you know what I’m talking about – and yet, the price is not affected at all. These and the online shop in general is so reasonably priced that I almost didn’t believe it when I first looked. They are absolute bargains

Next up, the appearance. I especially adore the Pearl StudsI always saw pearls to be somewhat sophisticated – but the Crystal Hearts are just as pretty. They are perfectly sized, which makes me feel comfortable wearing them. They are dainty, elegant and go with pretty much any outfit.

The Labret Stud also looks nice and was just wanted I was looking for my 3rd lobe piercing, as I needed something with a flat back due to the positioning of the hole. It was easy to unscrew and then tighten the ball and the bar size fits nice and snug. Another great piece.

I can’t deny that I’m very impressed with this brand and will definitely be checking out their shop the next time I want to go jewellery shopping!

If you’re interested in seeing more of what Body Jewellery Shop have on offer, click here.

Have you tried anything from Body Jewellery Shop? Do you have any piercings?

*PR Samples

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  1. I've had sooo many facial piercings throughout the years - especially through my emo phase haha. I only wear my ears, lip and navel piercings now though and I always buy from the Body Jewellery Shop. Best place to go by far, so much choice. Great review x

    1. Ditto! Though just ears and naval for me now! They were really good, I was highly impressed with the quality :) Thanks Kirsty x


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