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Saturday, January 31, 2015

After 'Hit Refresh' from Birchbox, another January-motivation themed beauty box landed on my doorstep. This time it came from My Little Box and what a beautiful one it was.

I only started receiving these boxes in December but already, My Little Box has blown me away and these feelings were aided even more with January's edition. The box was aptly named "My Energy Box"; a theme that, like Birchbox's, suited the first month of the new year. 

Before I go in to the depths of the contents, I'd just like to make special mention to the little details, as they are what impress me so much about this company. For example, the little bow tying everything together and the sticker just on the inside of the outer packaging. So. Cute.

And then there's the magazine, 'My Little World'. I thoroughly enjoy reading through this mag full of useful tips, tricks, interviews, recipes, workout name it, it's probably got it! I'm easily pleased, so these finer details make me love My Little Box even more.

After removing the magazine, I found the first item: a gym bag. I don't actually go to the gym but I know that this bag will definitely be getting plenty of use. It's a decent size, has sturdy straps and although the material is quite thin, it'd make a great overnight bag or for when I go swimming. Already one item in and I already knew this was going to be a good box.

Right underneath the bag was a 2015 Calendar and even though I already have one, I am still looking forward to using this one. I'm going to use it for work/blog related events and then my other for the personal things. The design of the calendar is super cute and simple. Another fab lifestyle find.

Then I came to the drawstring bag housing the beauty items. I always like to try up-cycle things and these bags have become really useful. Plus, they are made from strong material and will hopefully last a long time, which is a bonus. 

Inside the bag were three beauty items and all of them I adored. 

The first product, Brume Energisante Visage & Corps - for those not fluent in French like moi, this translated to "Energising Mist - Face & Body" - came from My Little Box's own brand, My Little Beauty. This mist is refreshing, kind to the skin and has a simple scent that is not overpowering or horrible. It wakens up the skin on top of cooling it down and doesn't leave any stickiness behind. I imagine I'll get more use out of this during the summer months after days out in the hot sun but I think it would also be great to use post-workout. My Little Beauty is becoming a brand that I'm wanting to see more and more of and can't wait to see what next month's item will be.

Next was another skincare item, this time focusing on the face. It was Talika Paris' Photo-Hydra Day Face Specific Moisturiser. As I have mentioned many times before, my skin is very oily and thus I have never found use for facial moisturisers. That was until recently, when I started to see dry patches after I started using the Epi-Duo Gel so this was actually a welcome addition, especially as the pot of L'Occtaine's Crème Précieuse Immortelle from last month's box is starting to run low. This moisturiser is gentle, fragrance-free and very hydrating; basically everything you would want from a face-focused product. I also only need to apply a small amount to the dry areas so can see this lasting me a long time, another bonus! 

Last but not least, I received 'Tate' from Nails Inc. This went on my nails the next nail change day after getting it, therefore I won't talk about it here but a 'Nails of the Week' post will be going up on Sunday, so keep a look out for it then! One thing I will say is that I was incredibly happy to get this in my box.

This certainly was an energising and awesome edition and it's another aid to keeping my healthy-living vibe going, one which will be lasting me the rest of winter at least! My Little Box are seriously rivalling my favourite Birchbox; a few more months like the past two and it'll be definitely top. 

To find out more and to subscribe, click here.

What did you think to My Little Box's January Box? Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? 

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