Blogmas #18: Christmas Present Wrapping

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The tree is up and decorated, Christmas tunes are playing in the background, fairy lights are twinkling at the end of my bed and I'm enjoying a huge mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows as I type; could it feel any more festive?!

One thing that get's me in the Christmassy mood is getting presents for loved ones but this year I had a right ol' struggle when it came to ideas. Usually, I'm pretty good at picking out prezzies that suit that individual but a mental block happened this year. Luckily, I finally bashed my way through it and I've now pretty much completed all of my Christmas shopping...happy days! 

That being said, it's also meant I've had to do a fair amount of wrapping over past few days and thought it would be a great idea to do a post with a few tips, tricks and ideas I've picked up over the years that could help any fellow Christmas Present wrapper - though I'd like to add, I still have dreams of a proper wrapping station in my future home *wishful sighs*.
  • Always try wrap gifts on a hard surface; trust me, it makes it much easier! It also means your paper is less prone to crease.
  • On a side note to the above, make sure you cover the surface with a cloth so you don't scratch it with scissors or anything!
  • Fold in the edge on one side of the paper and ensure that it goes on top of the other edge when wrapping; this will give a straight and neat looking edge.
  • If you're wrapping alone, cut off a few small pieces of sellotape and stick them to the edge of your work surface; this makes it easy to stick parts down when you're half way through. Or buy yourself one of these, absolute wrapping life-savers! 
  • Be organised! Make sure you have everything you need and enough paper, sellotape, bows, twine and/or ribbon as there is nothing worse than getting in the wrapping-groove and running out of an essential item half way through.
  • Measure out how much paper you need by placing your gift on the paper and ensuring that you can cover it completely. Always cut at a little bit more than what you need, for folding the side down and to also make sure you haven't got it wrong. 
  • When wrapping something soft like clothes or cuddly toys, try not to use thin paper as it'll rip too easily. It's also worth cutting more paper than you need to it can be more loosely wrapped so, again, it doesn't rip and show the contents to the receiver - ain't nobody got time for that!
  • Use double-sided sticky tape if you want to hide the sellotape look, plus it helps when you're trying to keep any ribbon/string in place!
There you have it folks, some of my top wrapping tips and I've even managed to get all my wrapping done and dusted now - hurrah!

Do you have any present wrapping tips or tricks? Have you completed your Christmas shopping?

7 days to go...!

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  1. Great tips! One of my favourite parts of Christmas!

    1. Thank you! It's one of mine too, love the feeling of seeing all the wrapped presents when done :)

  2. I love wrapping and always end up using brown paper because I think it gives a vintage feel.Great tips! xx

    1. I love the look of brown paper! Especially when paired with a stripy twine! :) xx


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