Vaseline's 'Paint The Town Red' Review

Friday, October 17, 2014

I was recently perusing the beauty aisle in my local supermarché when I noticed a new limited edition Vaseline Lip Therapy Balm and as I own a couple of the previous ones, I thought I'd give it a try.

For £1.85, these little tubs of saviour for your lips are ah-may-zing. Hydrating, easily wearable and some are even tinted. 'Paint The Town Red' is no exception.

The black tin with the red 'city drip' detailing is what caught my attention in the first place and it feels very fitting to the approaching holiday of Halloween. It's eye-catching and with the silhouette city, it's rather glam looking too. Being quite a small but robust tin, it's easy to find place for it in my full-to-the-brim-with-things-I-don't-actually-need handbag.

After getting over my OCD of ruining a new and beautiful looking balm - I can't be the only one that wants to leave untouched makeup looking pristine?! - I swirled my finger around and found it super soft and easily manipulated; one fell swoop gives all the product I need to cover my lips. 

With the hint of a red, a very subtle wash of colour goes on the lips once applied and it really finishes off a simple look quite nicely. The smell is like any other Vaseline product, however, the taste is something rather sweet, in fact it's pretty yummy and hard not to lick it straight off! 

Affordable, moisturising, nice colour and travel size; it's a perfect handbag addition.

Have you tried any of the Vasline Lip Therapy range?

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  1. I love the Vaseline lip balms :) I need to try this one as well xx
    Ana Céline Labod

    1. They are brilliant aren't they :) Let me know what you think of this one! A x

  2. I love Vaseline lip balms! I haven't seen this one yet but I'm going to look for it :)

    Ana Leote

    1. So do I! It's lovely. I know you can get it in a few shops in the UK, good luck finding it :)
      A x


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