Love Me Beauty September Box Review

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Avid visitors to Amy's Corner will have noticed that there was no Love Me Beauty box review for September. This was because we had a bit of falling out and I have only just received it - talk about snail mail! The postman kindly delivered it, along with my October box, the other day and I have to admit, I wasn't overly excited to be getting it.

What's caused this little fall out, you ask?

Well, LMB have undergone a revamp of their whole website and system which has caused me a lot of problems - cue the booing. 

Where you used to choose from three menus, you now get 6 credits and personally pick the items for your box. At first, I was a bit gutted; I liked those menus! But when I started looking at the boutique I quickly got excited at the items being offered up and planned my box. 

Different items are worth either 1 or 2 credits and I chose four products to use up the credits. However, as I am billed in the middle of the month, I had to wait until that time to process the box. This is when all my problems started. When I went back on to process the order, I found that the contents had been put back in to the boutique (fair enough) but my credits were still coming up as 'used'. I contacted LMB numerous times (and the lady I dealt with was truly lovely, so thumbs up for the customer service even if the issues didn't get resolved) but for some reason, couldn't get the credits back on my account. When I then looked at the boutique, I noticed that most of the products I wanted had disappeared and the selection left was poor. 

At the end of the month and with still no resolution, I had an email to let me know that items were going to be picked for me and the box was to then be shipped. I tried to cancel it (and to be honest, I thought I had!) but alas, it still turned up today as I decided to give the once-amazing company one last try when I ordered October's box (see following post for that review).

Teething problems aside, I love the new look! The sturdy box is awesome and looks oh-so-chic! Once removing the lid, I found a 'Welcome' card and a cloth bag. Unfortunately, there was no information card which I don't understand as it was always good to get more info. But on a plus note, I do really like the little bags and have a feeling both box and bag will get plenty of use in the future.

I opened up the bag to find only four - small - items, pretty disappointing when used to seeing five.

I first pulled out the Hot Spring Sauna Face Mask from Montagne Jeunesse. I loved the Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque that was in a previous box, so this was a good find and I do love a good face mask! This one smells incredible and is a self-warming one, so gives the feeling of a good job being done - it almost felt like I was having an exotic facial and made me crave a holiday! My skin afterwards felt silky smooth and refreshed. These masks are great and now I've tried two, I'll definitely be on the look out for more of the range!

Next, out came Anatomicals' Spray Misty For Me Facial Spritz. Now, I've got to admit, I am not a fan of the packaging. At all. It looks cheap and tacky, though it appears to be a full size product so can't grumble too much. I'm not one for spraying my face, but I think this could be refreshing in the summer.

The third product I received was S5's Balance Fluid for normal-oily skin. As I have oily skin, I was intrigued to try this and it's not half bad! It smells divine - cherry drops comes to mind - and feels gentle on the skin. I wouldn't say I've seen a massive change since using it, though it has helped some of the excess shine that can appear throughout the day. A decent product, but not one I'm going to rush out and buy.

The final item was another one that I have received in a previous box and that's Ofra's Universal Eyebrow Pencil. This has got to be my favourite item in the box as I use my current one often. It's the perfect shade for my brows and does a great job of filling them in without it looking too...fake. A great addition to my box!

I wasn't expecting this box and it was almost a month late but I think it's pretty obvious when I say that the whole new experience and the box had been disappointing. 

That was until my October box, which I will be talking about in my next - less negative - post today.

What do you think to Love Me Beauty's new set-up and did you have a September box? Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? 

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